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About our Ranch

Family Owned and Operated

Irish Creek Bison Ranch was established in 1992 (30 years ago!!) by John and Joanne Dorey. Since then Irish Creek Bison  has continued to grow. Today the ranch is now run by Justin and Shaelyn Dorey and remains focused on raising quality stock. We are passionate about all aspects of raising bison; animal health, plant health and our health (the ranch lifestyle).  



Sustainable Ranching

The pastures at Irish Creek Bison are among the most important investments on our ranch.  The quality of the pasture land directly affects the wellbeing of the bison herds, therefore, we believe in a sustainable pasture management.  In the summer the bison are moved pasture to pasture typically once a week. The grass is closely monitored as we aim to holistically manage by not overgrazing but by rather giving the grass long periods of rest and recovery. In the winter the bison move to a mixture of grazing grass, grazing corn, bale grazing and a multi-plant specie mix (radish, turnip,corn,peas, vetch, etc.).  Both Justin and Shaelyn are  passionate about regenerative agriculture and are constantly applying these ideas to our bison ranch and grain operation.  



At Irish Creek we aspire to handle our animals with the least possible stress.  We are continually studying our animals and using this knowledge to adjust our systems. At Irish Creek Bison, we pride ourselves in raising and selling happy, healthy livestock. 


Proven Genetics


We prize genetics that produce a vigorous, healthy and reproductive animal. Irish Creek Bison has taken genetics seriously as excellent bloodlines still run strong in all herds (i.e. Bothwell, Hanging Ice, Durham, Ace, Bitner).  We run 6 separate herds to ensure our buyers get the exact animal they are looking for.

We have begun DNA testing our herd sires and breeding bulls for Parentage and Woods/Plains compostion and are excited to use this information to better our herds and yours! We now have a DNA proven pure Plains and pure Woods herd and well as crossed herds with different percentages of Woods/Plains composition. 

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