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From the Farm Directly to You

Thank You for choosing us to source your farm fresh bison meat and other products from!

Bison Meat:

We have a few options to provide you with the best, healthiest red meat raised from start to finish right here on our ranch! 

Option 1: Shop our freezers

This option allows you to get any quantity of any cuts you want as long as we have it in stock. If you want to make sure you get exactly what you want, place an order one month ahead of time so we can organize your cuts with our butcher and reserve them for you!

If you are only interested in ground meat or ground products (smokies, sausage, burgers, jerky), we offer discounts for orders over 100lbs!

Option 2: Whole, Half or 1/4 bison

If your looking to fill up your freezer with a variety of bison meat, cut and wrapped to your preference, then this is the option for you! 

how it works- you speak for a portion, or all of the meat of a bison before it is butchered and once the whole animal is spoken for, we will arrange a butcher date. The bison will be sold by pound of its Hot Hanging Weight (HHW) and the processing (cutting and wrapping) fees will be at buyers expense. 

The bison will get divided up equally.  For example: if you buy a half, you will get half the cuts from the front of the animal and half the cuts from the back. and you choose what your portion gets made into (steaks vs roasts, steak thickness and roast size, ground vs sausage etc.. etc..) 

Once the butchering is done, we will arrange a central location to meet to deliver the meat to everyone. 

This is the most economical option if your wanting a large quantity of meat but it requires a little more planning ahead of time.

We are happy to help with any questions!


Option 3: Monthly Farm Subscription

This one's for the locals or those willing to meet locally!

This subscription is a customizable bundle of farm fresh seasonal products straight off our farm. Each bundle will/can include free range eggs, Fresh Ground whole wheat flour or wheat berries, seasonal flowers or foliage and of course, bison meat! Seasonally, we can add in fresh garden produce and whatever else we can provide you with from our farm!

our bundle options start at $200 and go in $50 increments from there!

*The price difference is according to the amount of bison meat added to the regular farm products in each bundle*

all bundles are completely customizable (if you don't want the flour, we can take it out and add more eggs etc.) 

Reach out to us if the bundles are up your alley! 


Example of our April Farm subsciption bundle! It includes a dozen free range eggs, fresh ground wheat flour, ground bison meat, bison breakfast sausage, and beautiful springy pussy willows! 

Keep an eye on our instagram for more on our bundles. 

note: the order request is not a complete order. you will not be charged for your request. 

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