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The Truth About Raising Bison

Most people when the word buffalo is mentioned go into an apoplectic shock of wonderment and astonishment as they try to mutter-how are you still alive? Aren't they huge (As they picture a mammoth crossed with an elephant)? How do you keep them in? I try to reply with a calm voice and explain that bison are in fact extremely similar or cattle. But at this point, generally most have turned off what any answer might be as they picture a buffalo as a zoo animal.

It is rare to raise buffalo, in fact there are only about 500,000 bison in north america today, to put that in perspective for you there are about 98.4 million cattle in just the United States. So bison are a small fish in the pan. And therefore, yes, exotic.

But, despite popular belief bison are one of the easiest animals to raise. Reason being in a nutshell: Bison still hold strong natural instincts. They are survivors. And the way we ranch them works only as we listen to what they are telling us.

So, NO they are not dangerous. They are mostly scared of you or curious of you. This goes for bison that are not being threatened are irritated.

Our bison basically never get out...and if they do all they want is to get back in. They are happy buffalo-cared for and well feed-why would they want to get out? And, they only need a strong 5 foot barbwire fence.

They are NO bigger then a beef bull or cow, in fact by weight they are often smaller but by height generally taller because of the hump.

Basically, bison are an incredible animal. Watching them is some how calming. Even if they're running. They move gracefully, quietly, like a wave together.

Okay, I'm done reciting poetry - Bison are extremely rewarding to raise.

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