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The newest addition to our website!

Welcome to my new endeavor-a blog!? (The question mark is there for my insecurity) ...Which maybe naturally brings up an inherit fact about myself:

I am horrible with technology. A major frustration of my husbands...possible reason for many marital frustrations. But I am willing to say, people it is actually really bad! Like stone-age bad. Not even maybe I'll continue my conversation with my sister on how to work Instagram. And then call my grandma on how to set up a Facebook profile.

Hence, why I absolutely love ranching, but recently I have taken a promotion from being a highly coveted job as a grunt on the ranch, to being a full time mommy. Now, that sentence is not suppose to downplay the job as a mom. The promotion is a the best thing and as my cowboy puts it "the most important job in the world". How sweet.

My new position on the ranch has inspired me to begin a blog to share with others the unique life of ranching bison. So hope you enjoy joining me in the quest of everyday being an extraordinary day with the bison, our little papoose, my husband and just the regular goings on.

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